Loan Modification/Home Retention Strategy

Many Florida homeowners want nothing more than to stay in their homes.  Times have been tough, but with a little time and a little help they could afford to keep the place they’ve invested so much time, money and emotion into.  Many homeowners complain that their lenders are very difficult to deal with and they find that they cannot make headway on their own.  That is where we can assist: with our professional legal negotiators we can assist you through the bank’s bureaucracy and present your situation in a way that is the most appealing to the bank’s underwriters.

A Retention Strategy involves pursuing a Loan Modification with Foreclosure Defense and/or filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. (See Below.)

Loan Modification Negotiation with Foreclosure Defense.

Our negotiators work with you and your lenders to strike a deal modifying your loan, or otherwise allowing you to get back to a current status on your loan.  Our attorneys defend you against any foreclosure that may be initiated against you, and this generally allows for additional time and a chance to negotiate directly with an underwriter at the bank.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  Is an option which would freeze existing foreclosure actions, allow you to get caught up on your home mortgage, which can assist you in dealing with other debts, and can grant access to a mortgage modification negotiation for some homeowners.  It is not ideal, but it is another way to save your home.

Because our attorneys are both bankruptcy and foreclosure defense attorneys we can discuss the risks and the benefits of all available options and help you devise a strategy for how to deal with your financial situation.

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Consumer Debt Exit Strategy

Home Debt Exit Strategy

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